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Fasting - A Reward For Muslims

Ramzan- Showers Of Blessings

Ramzan is the month of blessings for Muslims. Fasting from sunrise to sunset is performed, which is fard or obligatory. Fasting is a holistic form of purification and the mechanism of both body and mind; it is a form of experiential training. Fasting plays a pivotal role when it comes to having a pure heart and right intentions. Fasting also helps to take hold on undesirable actions by teaching us how to control our inner desirousness and famish. It gives us the joy of having food after Iftari. It teaches us not to waste food, as many people die due to starvation. 

Obligations During Ramzan

During Ramzan, you have to train your mind to be patient, have self-control, and evolves pious habits in you. We all are so busy in our lives that we forget the spiritual connection with our bodies. So, this is the time we put away these materialistic worldly matters aside and engross ourselves into meditation. 

Prophet Muhammad’s (SAW) Message

''Fasting is a shield, so the one who fasts should avoid ignorant behaviour and obscene speech. If you are fasting and someone abuses you or starts fighting with you, then you should reply by saying: 'I am fasting, I am fasting.'' (Saheeh Al-Bukhari)

Unique Teachings Of Holy Quran

Quran has the power to turn every wrong into rights, every evil into good. Today, not just Muslims but new Muslims, those who read the Quran understands the true meaning of life. Let us see some of the unique Teachings Of Quran:

  • Thinking and encouraging mediation
  • Not to follow any prevailing idea blindly
  • Endorsing and promoting justice, social equality
  • Iman that is accompanying Islamic beliefs with action
  • To invite non-muslims towards the path of righteousness

Salah- An Enlightened Gift For Every Muslim

Salah, which is also known as Namaz, is an obligatory duty of every Muslim. It is performed five times a day. It is a mental, physical, and spiritual act of worship with your soul into it. Namaz is read by facing towards the Kaaba in Mecca, the holy city of all Muslims. While reading Namaz, one needs to stand, bow, prostate, and conclude by sitting on the ground. Salah consists of Rakahs or repetition of units.

Salah is performed along with fasting during Ramzan. It is a compulsory act for forgiveness. The five times of Namaz are Fazer; the time before sunrise, Johar; at noontime, Aasar; before sunsets, Magrib; after sunsets and Isha; at night. The faith reviving prayers, the heart touching recitations at Salah, is performed to ask mercy from Allah the Almighty.

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