Next Generation Prayer Education

Sajdah, the world's first smart educational prayer rug that teaches new Muslims and children the second most important pillar in Islam.


Sajdah is a modern, technically-equipped prayer rug that helps Muslims to learn prayers, correct postures, and memorize Qur'an.

Guided Training

A step-by-step learning experience for more than 30 types of prayers.

Qur'an Reading

With the innovative integrated LED screen, users can read and memorize the Holy Qur'an while practicing prayers.


Users can read the instructions and Qur'an verses in English and Arabic.

Smart & Connected

The first prayer rug that is connected to the smartphone. Users can control Sajdah and track their postures.

Posture Analysis

Thanks to more than 2300 pressure sensors and the innovative AI analysis algorithms, Sajdah can correct postures that may spoil prayers.

Prayer Tracker

Prayers are tracked through the app. Parents will be able to track their children's prayers and correct them if they made mistakes.

Most Innovative Product In Islamic Education

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What People Say About Sajdah?

Here are some of many testimonials from prominent figures praising Sajdah and its innovative features.

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Testing Sajdah with Kids and their Parents

We take Sajdah to the testing field, this time with kids and their parents. See how well Sajdah has performed, and the users' impressions.

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