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Being a New Muslim, You Must Learn How to Pray Salah

The Muslims are known for generosity, benevolence, and peacefulness; thus, there comes the term 'Islam' meaning 'Peace.' Being a Muslim, one must be an ambassador of Islam. Since non-Muslims do not read the Quran and do not possess any Islamic education or knowledge; therefore, a loyal Muslim must represent himself/herself as a reflection of Islam. Salah is one of the most significant practices among the five pillars of Islam. And being a new Muslim, one must learn How To Pray or offer Salah.

New Muslims and Islam

The 21st era is witnessing the most rapid advancement in learning, development, and education, apart from other fields like science and technology. Modern people most likely do not keep faith in superstitions and ancestral beliefs. Instead, they opt for research and development. People have started reading about Islam, and it’s people, the importance and benefits. After gaining knowledge from authentic sources, analyzing, and reading, many non-Muslims are getting converted into new Muslims.

There are several duties and responsibilities that every new Muslim must have to learn and adhere to. Also, there are some significant practices that every Muslim should perform, and Salah is one of them.

Hadith and Salah

Salah is the backbone of the Islamic prayer and is considered as a living expression of Islam. Every Muslim must perform Salah 5 times (at least, which are also mandatory) a day. The importance of Salah can be recognized by the fact that there were enormous occasions where prophet Muhammad (saw) describes the significance of Salah, one of the Five Pillars Of Islam. He also mentioned about Allah’s blessing and rewards for those Ummah who perform Salah regularly with diligence. Have a look at the following hadith.

  • According to Sahi Muslim, once the prophet Muhammad (saw) said that “Between a person and disbelief is discarding the prayer (Salah).” One can imagine the gravity of the importance of Salah in front of Allah. Being a new Muslim, you must know that the difference between your past and the present is Salah.
  • On one occasion, the prophet compares the Salah to the spine. According to Al-Tirmidhi, ibn Majah "The head of all affairs is Islam, and its spine is the prayer (Salah)…” It means that if you perform all the worship dedicatedly, but if you don't perform Salah, then everything would fall apart. You cannot stand with all your other good deeds in front of Allah, as you cannot stand without your spine.

These two hadith by beloved Prophet Muhammad (saw) explain the importance of Salah very precisely. It doesn't matter whether you are Muslim or a new Muslim; there is no alternative to Salah, and you will have to perform it.

Salah On Time

There are several texts in the Quran and Hadith which advocate about performing the Salah on time. Being a new Muslim, you must be aware of the Muslim Prayer Time and must deliver the Salah accordingly. The importance of performing Salah on time can understand by following verse of the Quran, “Verily, prayer restrains (oneself) from shameful and unjust deeds…” (Quran 29:45). Who doesn’t want to restrain themselves from sinful deeds at earliest?