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Teach Your Children How To Pray Salah At Right Age

Every child is unique, and with Allah's blessing, each child possesses some inborn talent or qualities. But when it comes to learning about Allah and his commands, one must not only ascertain but to love Allah and obey his commands. And the best practice to teach your children to love Allah and to obey his commandments is by teaching them How To Pray Salah at the right age. So, the next question is what is the right age to start preparing your children about the right way of Salah.

Right Age To Start Salah

Islam is the religion that teaches you the way to live life. And therefore, answer to any question that comes across your mind is available in Quran and hadith. To know the right age of start teaching about Salah to your children, you must follow the following hadith by Prophet Muhammad (saw).

  • Teach your child to pray, when he becomes seven, and punish him for not obeying it from the age of ten"(at-Tirmizi No. 407).
  • You command your child to perform Salah when they become seven years old, and after they become ten [for negligence], punish." (Abu Dawood No. 493).

In this regard, it is worthy to note that punishment doesn’t mean to beat or abuse your children. Islam never encourages parents to be harsh on their children. Prophet Muhammad (saw) says, “Fear Allah and treat your children fairly (with equal justice) whether small or grown.” (Al-Bukhari and Muslim). Being a Muslim, you must teach Salah to your children, one of the most significant among the Five Pillars of Islam, at the right age.

Best Way To Teach Salah To Your Children

Salah is a mandatory practice for both Muslim men and women. But most of the mothers had to skip or leave salah because they are struggling with their kids. Well, this is something very much troublesome for those mothers having kids at home. But what if we can teach our children salah and its benefits?

  • Babies- let your baby sit with you during salah time. Your baby will start taking interest as salah will be entirely a new act for him/her. If your baby starts crying, you can recite a little louder, so your baby will think you are talking to him/her, and they may repeat with you.
  • Toddlers- start with wudu and let them follow you. Now, give them a long hijab to wear so they can join you in salah, or they may even ride at your back while you prostrate.
  • Kids - give them their prayer rug during Prayer Times so they can stand beside you during salah time.

If someone has strong will power, then learning has no boundary of age, but the child's age is perfect to start learning. The preceding statement is in terms of general education. But to teach your child the merits of Islam and convey the message of Prophet Muhammad (SAW), the best way is, to begin with, salah. If you are planning to teach your child salah more smartly, then visit our website and give your kids a smart prayer rug.