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Do You Have Any Questions About Sajdah?

Here we try to answer most of the frequently asked questions. If you still can not find your answer, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

A When will Sajdah be available?
We are trying very hard to bring Sajdah to the market as soon as possible. It is still under heavy development. We are hoping to release it very soon.
B How many languages will Sajdah support?
Sajdah will support Arabic and English in the beginning. Additional languages will be added later.
C What is the ruling on putting the Qur’aan on the prayer mat?
There is no difference of opinion among the scholars concerning the fact that the Qur’aan must be respected and protected. As for putting the Qur’aan on clean ground, there is nothing wrong with that, because this is not disrespecting the Qur’aan or mistreating it. Besides, it is a digital screen that displays Qur’anic text, which has the same ruling as, for example, your smart phone with Qur'aan app. [, Sheik Abdul Aziz ibn Baz (Arabic)]